Following is a list of some of our recent clients:
Futurtec Oy is a leader in Integrated Monitoring Solutions for bridges and other large structures. Futurtec provides scalable, proven and reliable products as well as related professional services to ensure the safe and economical operation of both municipal and industrial infrastructures.
Papertech Inc. Papertech provides papermakers with leading edge tools to capture and diagnose events and identify the root cause of breaks, sheet defects and run ability issues, often before they result in machine downtime.
Mozo Oy mozo designs, manufactures and and delivers uniquely shaped products to build brands.
Locusportal Oy Locus Portal is a leading independent vendor of smart location products for geographical positioning of mobile phones and other mobile devices. Locuslportal merged with mobile Arts in August 2004.
ARD technology Oy is leading provider of electronic and software design services and pioneer of the lifecycle support concept for electronics.
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